The most unique masks.

We produce medical grade* disposable and reusable face masks with unique functionalities and infinite number of designs.

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*EN 14683 Type II - This product is not a surgical mask. The product is not intended for antimicrobial or antiviral protection or related uses or is for use such as infection prevention or reduction. This product is not a respiratory protective device and should not be used for high risk aerosol generating procedures.

High Filtration.
Our masks comply with the global mask standards for high filtration and breathability.
Endless Designs.
Our masks come in thousands of number of interesting designs. Including, standard white and blue.
Perfect Fit.
Our masks come in ultra-elastic earloops and bendable nose clip for perfect fit every single time.

Masks that actually work!

In these turbulent times, the amount of useless disposable masks that have no filtration capability had increased significantly. You can count on our masks to do the job. You can learn more about our masks' effectiveness in the test results.
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Mask Features

Non-Woven 3 Ply Mask
We use 3 non-woven layers in order to bring you the highest filtration quality.
Hypoallergenic Latex Free
All of our fabrics have been tested for allergens.
Ultrasonic Stitching
For fast production we are using industry standard ultrasonic manufacturing.
Ultra-Elastic Soft Earloop
For your comfort, we use ultra-elastic soft earloops, so you would actually keep them on.
Multiple Sizes
For the best fit, our masks come in all the sizes available: standard, medium, and kids.
Easy Breathability
Our special non-woven fabrics allow for easy breathability all the time.
Tested by the world's best auditing firms including: